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Congratulations on staging your home for sale!

With staging complete, the showings begin. It’s important to maintain the staged look throughout the time on market. Be prepared for showings on short notice and have a plan for quick removal of children and pets.

If your staging needs a quick refresh, please give us a call.

Prior to showings and open houses, run through this checklist to make sure your property shows it’s best.


  • Pick up in front yard - toys, garbage cans, gardening supplies, and other items

  • Make sure yard is mowed and tidy and the front entryway is clean and swept

  • Open the blinds and turn on the lights

  • Put relaxing music on

  • Remove pets and all of their accessories - including bowls, beds, and toys

  • Pick up pet waste and deodorize

  • Floors - vacuumed or swept

  • Dust house, clean mirrors, glass, and windows

  • Make all beds and pick up everything in all bedrooms

  • Put away personal items in every room, including bathrooms

  • Put dirty and clean laundry away

  • Kitchen - put away small appliances, clean and clear counters, put away dirty dishes

  • Bathrooms – clean counters, put toilet seats down, hang clean white towels

  • Empty all wastebaskets

  • Avoid cooking foods with lingering odors

  • Do a quick sniff test - spray air freshener as needed – keep in mind subtle, clean scents are best

  • Remove all vehicles from garage, driveway, and front of house

Following these tips will help to sell your home faster!

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